Power2give.org, a project of the Arts & Science Council (ASC), is a giving platform which allows us to share with donors and fans the opportunity to support a particular Dance Theatre project in need of funding. Often, donations are matched dollar for dollar by corporate partners of the ASC. When matching gifts are available, a white box containing the name and logo of the matching donor is included with the project description. This is a great way to double the impact of your donation!

Check back soon for information about North Carolina Dance Theatre projects on power2give.org!


Thank you to all of our power2give donors:

M.C. Hawes Akers Foundation
Leslie Alston and Michael Zenker
Arts & Cultural Alliance of Central Florida
Bank of America
Liz and Pat Bechdol
Edna Mae Berkey
Deanna Biase
Gabrielle Braverman
Karen Breach Washington
Sylvia and Tom Brydon
Dee and Edmund Bujalski
Steven Burke
James Bush
Robert Bush
Kathryn Chancey
Elizabeth Chaplin
William Clark
Meg Cockrell
Brittney Coleman
Lori Collins
Lee Cummins
Tiffany Davis
Deborah Delano
Cheryl DeMaio
Eliza and Jonathan Liles
Tanya Fischoff
Nancy Fleming
Amanda Fowler
Nicole and Ron Freeman
Suzanne Freeman
Carrie Gingerich
Richard Graber
Susan Greenman
Grosse Pointe Theatre
George Harrison
John Hawkins
Emily and Keith Hay
Tracey and A.D. Hembrick
Gina Howard
Sheri Howard
Dilek Incoglu
Ghazale and Andy Johnston
Art Keeble
Elizabeth Kelly
Mark and Beverly Ladley
Kristin Lawson
Kellie and Brandon Lofton
Steve and Jen MacIsaac
Oneaka Mack
Ron Maurice
Judy and John Mayo
Julianne F. Smith-McCollum and Tim McCollum
Kaye McGarry
Kerri-ann McGinty
Logan McSwain
Nicole Milson
Brooke and Aaron Mize
Susan Monks
Anne Morris
Marci Mroz
Deborah Obalil
Courtney Otte
Paula Owens
Carolina Perkins
Patricia Pflug
Ridgely and John Phillips
Amanda Poplin
Felicia Price
Morry Alter and Joan Rasmussen
Mary Regan
Virginia Rosen
Constance Van Brunt and Michael Samachson
Tori Springate
Homer and Catherine Sutton
Jill Taylor
Jeff Trabucco
Amy and Hal Tribble
Margaret and Chris Ullrich
Calli Wirsing
Barbara Yarbrough