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Capturing Creativity

North Carolina Dance Theatre partnered with the Dance and Theatre Department of UNC Charlotte and the Charlotte/Mecklenburg Schools to explore and define the creative process in dance. The partnership was formed in order to explore ways to create more sophisticated curriculum resources in dance for a growing number of dance educators teaching in the public schools of North Carolina.

An underlying goal of the creators of "Capturing Creativity" is to change the "norm" of how the creative process in dance is taught in schools by analyzing concrete, tangible examples of work that is being created now. Traditionally, dance composition teachers deconstruct already completed works and speculate about the choreographic processes used.

The method for analyzing choreography used for these units begins with the work’s inception and follows the process to the completed piece and its premiere performance. The process of creation is observed as it evolves with the developing work. In the future, it is hoped that these units will enrich and add to the dance knowledge base in the field of dance education.

These lessons are designed as guides for the dance educator and are open to revision and interpretation as needed for maximum student learning. The activities provided here are by no means the only way to teach the material. They serve as a template to guide the lesson writing of those talented dance educators wishing additional resources for their classrooms. The lesson units have been field tested by dance teachers in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, and by students at UNC Charlotte preparing to receive dance teacher licensure. All provided valuable input into the existing lessons.

Capturing Creativity Units: (click the unit for more information)
Energy: The Texture in Between
Preserving Legacy
Cinderella: Linking Past to Present
Forward Moves: On the Verge
Agon: Hearing the Dancing, Seeing the Music

Ordering Information
Each of the Capturing Creativity units is available to Dance Educators in North Carolina directly through NC Dance Theatre. The cost for each unit, including the book of lesson plans, teacher’s notes, and assessments and the accompanying VHS video is $100. When a Capturing Creativity unit is used as part of a DEEP workshop, it is available to all workshop participants for $35.

Please use the Capturing Creativity order form to place your order or email Bianca Morgan for more information.


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