Arts-in-Education Residencies
North Carolina Dance Theatre’s Teaching Artists will spend a day, a week, or months at your school in a residency program tailored to meet curriculum needs. Classic and contemporary ballets serve as a catalyst, inspiring student learning through NC Dance Theatre’s repertoire. Through dance composition and performance, students explore topics from the Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies curricula. Students build creativity and problem solving skills while physically engaged through the art form of dance. 

Don’t worry—no previous dance experience is necessary for students!

For Elementary Students: Stories in Motion   
Ballets inspire learning through classic stories, integrating movement, concepts, and enhancing Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Classic Themes; Contemporary Twists: An Interdisciplinary Residency

For Middle and High School Students: Capturing Creativity
NC Dance Theatre’s Capturing Creativity lesson units, inspired by NC Dance Theatre’s professional choreographers and repertoire, serve as the catalyst for student learning through dance.

Possible Residency Components

  • Professional development for classroom teachers
  • Lecture demonstration by North Carolina Dance Theatre 2
  • Attendance at an Educational Theater Performance at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center or Knight Theater
  • Planning meeting with classroom teachers to determine residency concepts to be covered
  • Assessments in the form of pre and post survey questions, dance rubrics and student worksheets
  • Collaboration meetings with the Teaching Artist and classroom teachers
  • Student Sharing
  • Follow-up meeting with NC Dance Theatre’s Director of Education and Outreach and classroom teachers

For More Information
Contact Bianca Morgan, director of education and outreach, 704.372.0101x2767.

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